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Challenges in Alternate Power Solutions
Inverter – Battery System

Low voltage and intermittent supply of electricity renders inverter-battery ineffective and battery doesn't get fully charged due to unreliable supply of grid power.

Transportation, storage, pilferage, high cost of Diesel pose major hurdles in operating DG sets. – Causes pollution (environmental & noise)

Operator depend heavily on diesel generator to power BTS towers. Power deficit coupled with rising cost of diesel pose the significant challenge for the sector.

Benefits of Solar
  • energy independence
  • energy source is already delivered free to site
  • minimal maintenance
  • maximum reliability
  • generate the energy you need where you need it
  • minimise power loss risks
  • fast on-site implementation
  • systems can be easily expanded
  • reduced dependency on diesel fuels
  • rural sites are no longer dependent upon power infrastructure
Solar Hybrid Standard System Line Diagram for Existing BTS Site
Solar EB DG Batt Remarks
OK OFF OFF Float Solar Power drives the load
NS Dlyd ON OFF Dch / CH Wait till Batt reaches 60% capacity connect EB till it reaches 2.2V/Cell
NS NA Dlyd ON Dch / CH Wait till Batt reaches 40% capacity then Switch on till it reaches 2.2V/Cell
Solar Charge ConBtarottlelerry Chiller
  • proven fuel OPEX savings up to 80%
  • expected maintenance savings of 70%
  • long life solution
  • solar panels guaranteed for 25 years
  • operational availability expected to be in excess of 99.7%
  • SCTPL can, if required, provide full turnkey installation, support and maintenance solution
low carbon emission and less hazardous working environment