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1 mtr with N (M) Connector
at each end
Body Style, Connector A N (M) Straight
Body Style, Connector B   N (M) Straight
Cable Family   1/2in Super Flex Cables
Length   1 Mtr
Attachment Specially developed connectors using soldering technology that guarantees superior electrical characteristics
Frequency Range DC-3 GHz
Characteristic Impedance 50±1 Ω
3rd Order IMD ≤117 dBm(-160dBc) @1800 MHz
3rd Order IMD Test Method Two +43 dBm Carriers
Return Loss DC-1 GHz: ≥ 26 dB up to 3 G
Attenuation (Max at 20˚C) (Include Connectors + Cable up to length of 1m)
900 MHz 0.21 dB/mtr
1800 MHz 0.26 dB/mtr
2200 MHz 0.29 dB/mtr
3000 MHz 0.32 dB/mtr
Insulation Resistance >10000 MΩ
Contact Resistance of the connector <0.4mΩ for the centre contact
<1.5mΩ for the outer contact
Environment Data
Operating Temperature Range -10˚C to + 70˚C
Storage Temperature Range -20˚C to + 80˚C
Reliability of Contact Minimum 500 mating
Cable Retention Force (Before degrading Electrical Specification) Maximum 250 N
Coupling Nut Torque Minimum 40-60 N metres (Manual)
Bending Radius (Repeated Bending)   Minimum 50mm
Bending Radius (Single Bending) Minimum 32mm
Inner Conductor Copper Clad Aluminum
Dielectric Foamed Polyethylene
Outer Conductor Corrugated Copper Tubing with Black Polyethylene Jacket
Body Brass (ASTM B 16) / Tri Alloy
Insulator PTFE (ASTM D1457, Type 1. Grade 1)
Centre Contact Stress Relived Brass –Tri Alloy Silver Plated
Outer Contact Brass-Tri Alloy Plated
Gasket Silicone Rubber
Regulatory Compliances | RoHS Compliant
(S-MA-QA-F-21C) Rev-01, Revised: 01 July 2013 01 Jan 2007