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"Project Management & Tracking System" – Shilpi's PMTS helps transform information into insights.

PMTS is Shilpi's innovative way of keeping its customers informed of their business updates. PMTS also aims at enabling customers to keep a track of their project progress.

PMTS Highlights-
  • User Friendly – it is extremely user friendly and can be accessed by anyone.
  • Unique Project ID – Gives every project a unique project id, so that it is convenient to relate to and analyze the Site Data.
  • Google Maps – It can be viewed on Google maps and has the facility of uploading images.
  • Hassle free Documentation – it allows hassle free documentations of information and reports which can be available to clients with just a click.
  • Ticketing – if the need be, the portal automatically send emails to clients updating/alerting them about site status.
  • Customized Reports – it allows customers the liberty of extracting customized reports as per their requirement.
  • Online Invoicing – it supports online invoicing.
PMTS's benefit to customers-
  • Customers can track progress of sites anytime, anywhere.
  • They get simplified data representation for better understanding.
  • Graphical views provide them with instant picture of the entire project.
  • Its helps customers monitor project at macro & micro level.